Phase 3 of HCG Diet

Phase 3 of HCG Diet is a maintenance phase. It literally means that all you have to do is maintain the caloric value of the diet and nothing more. Of course you will be consuming the HCG drops along with every meal but its option in this phase.

What happens in third phase?

In third phase your body is made accustomed to the low calorie diet without the help of the HCG drops. Although you can use the hcg drops if you want. It lasts for 3 weeks. Within this 3 weeks you will life off only on small calorie diet. For example, if you had chosen the 800 calorie diet in your second phase then you will maintain the third phase with 800 calories.

But there is no limitation placed. In other words this is not a strict mention of using only 800 calories. You can consume a little more than that for around 1300 or 1500 calorie.

Be warned that the calorie intake should be increased gradually and not in one quick meal.

What should I eat in third phase?

The same food that you had consumed in the second phase.

What are the food items that I should Avoid?

You need to avoid greasy foods such as pizza. And the most important item you should avoid is meat fat. When you receive your meat at the store there is amount of fat present in it. You should ensure to slice off the fat from the meat before you cook.

How much weight will be lost in third phase?

You won’t. remember, this is a maintenance phase. You are allowing your body to rest after it has undergone through the low calorie through all the previous days.

When can I start the next HCG Cycle?

You can start the next HCG cycle after 3 weeks of maintenance phase.

Please Note:

The third phase of HCG phase lasts for 3 weeks. And if you wish to get back on the HCG diet for the next phase then you should rest for 3 weeks after completion of third phase. In total you will require a minimum of 6 weeks from beginning of phase 3 to start a new HCG cycle.

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