Why You Should Use HCG Injections to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels in a male human is of vital importance, This is what makes a man, a man. If you have testosterone then you won’t be able to build muscle and have a poor self confidence of yourself. Hence, it is important to have a high level of testosterone.

How Not to Increase Testosterone Levels:

If you going to gym to lift weight and you ask your trainer that you need to put on more muscle, the one thing he would say is to take testosterone injections, You will believe he is right and buy from him those injections and use it on your self.

Though you will increase your body’s testosterone levels, it has some serious side effects.

Apart from several major side effects, the most dangerous one is that your body will stop producing its own testosterone.

Why Will Your Body Stop Producing Testosterone

The Brain is survival kit to be precise. It will do whatever it takes to keep you alive. This is the reason why it store excess food as fat so that one day it might get used up when there is no food available.

In this case, the brain comes to know that there is plenty of testosterone available hence will shut down its own production.

And it might take a long time to start its own production of testosterone.

Why HCG Injections to Increase Testosterone?

Testosterone is produced when a hormone called Luteinizing hormone secreted from the pituitary gland makes the testes to produce Testosterone.

When you injection yourself with HCG injections, it mimics the work of Luteinizing hormone. Therefore, your testes start producing testosterone.

This seems like natural, right?

There is hardly any side effect when you compare this process with injecting oneself with testosterone injections.

Next time, use HCG injections to boost your testosterone levels.