Lies Around Real HCG Drops

I have been following the HCG drops for a while. I must say the HCG diet is really screwed especially the topic around real HCG drops.

The real HCG drops literally sucks. Why? Because most of them aren’t real HCG drops at all.

A real HCG drops is one which are nothing but 100% HCG i.e. only Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

I was shocked to find that most of these drops aren’t pure at all. Worst of all, most of these drops do not contain not even a single drop of HCG.

Then why do people over the internet sell or promote these fake HCGs as Real HCG drops.

It took me few days to find the answer.

The answer is affiliate commissions.

These fake HCG drops that are sold as real give away high commissions. Some give 30% commissions on overall sales while others $40 to $50 flat commissions on every sale no matter the cost of purchase.

This sort of commission practice is impossible by those who sell real HCG drops.

The manufacturing cost of real HCG drops is anywhere between $10 wholesale rate.

While manufacturing cost of fake HCG drops is $3 wholesale rate.

Therefore a seller has high margin of profit selling fake HCG drops compared to real HCG drops.

This high profit margin is pushed towards the affiliates who promote these HCG drops for their own gain, forgetting about customers.

Therefore, the next time you are looking for HCG drops that real, don’t believe any blogger but take your chance and do your own research.

How do I find if the HCG is Real or Fake?

When you are on a seller’s website look for the nutrition label. IF the nutrition label has all sorts of ingredients ranging from African Mango to Garcinia Cambogia then skip it. It is definitely fake.

However, if the nutrition label has only HCG as its ingredient then it is a real HCG drops.