What Backlinks are Still Relevant in 2017?

SEO has in recent times been very important for the success of any business. Since the introduction of SEO backlinks have always been very important, but are they still that important? What has changed about these backinks? Some that were very important back then may do little to improve ranking on search engine page results (SERPs). We look at the backlinks that are still relevant.

What are backlinks?

These are incoming links from other websites. The link to a page on your website is included in a different website or blog and those visiting the latter can click on it and they will be brought to your website. They are also known as inbound links.

Relevant backlinks

So many websites can link to your web pages without making an impact on your SEO. Some websites that linking to you will ensure your SEO is improved include:

News websites

Any news website is trusted by many including Google. This holds true especially for the large news websites like CNN, BBC and many more. To be in these, you need to ensure that what you are doing on your website is recognizable. You can even write high quality guest posts on these sites and link to your website. Google will be convinced that your website is credible and so will the people who are loyal to the website linking from.

Related websites

Do you sell clothes? Then you need backlinks from a website that sells shoes. It is that simple. Talk to people who have websites that have products or services that compliment what you offer. You can then create posts that have links to each other’s website. With such backlinks you will not only be able to rank highly in search engines but also have a targeted audience. The people who will be seeing the link are likely to be actually interested in what you offer and will increase traffic to your website.

Social media sites

Though Google will not consider these links in ranking your website, these links will increase traffic to your website. People interested in what you offer will be able to see the links, click on them and relate with you. Some of the best social media sites to backlink at are Google Plus, Youtube, Google Places, Digg, Fousquare, Reddit, Squidoo, Facebook and Twitter.

Never spam

Earlier on, websites used to submit their links to thousands of article directories, press releases and web directories. This worked but that is no longer the case. Google no longer looks at the quantity of backlinks but their quality. Only use backlinks that are from credible sources. Do not spam or else your ranking will suffer.

There you have it, the answer to what backlinks are still relevant in 2017. It is very important to note that without backlinks it is almost impossible to make it to the top of the SERPs. You however need to do your backlinking campaign well to avoid suffering negatively when penalized by Google. Avoid spamming and only link from authority websites and you will be not only safe but will also rank highly in search engine results.